Harnessing patient innovations

People optimize the way they experience a service by making it more convenient and affordable. When detected those optimisations lead to cost and outcome improvements that could drive important benefits in sectors badly in need like healthcare.

What we do

The pharmaceutical industry is moving toward new sources of revenue based on high value services. Our software platform enhances the rate of adoption of new services by focusing on patient outcomes through the analysis of their behavior on social networks. In addition, the platform helps to minimize the development costs of personalized health solutions by providing a collaboration tool for all partners involved in the design of the service.

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Nicolas ANDRE

Nicolas ANDRE

When the relation between the listener and the music was modified by the rise of the web, Nicolas participated in harnessing the listeners grassroots phenomenon MP3 (mp3.fr), to provide music where people were actually living and entertaining (Musiwave). With Audionamix he contribute to provide a state-of-the-art signal processing approach that changed the way people can interact with the sound. Today the rise of connected objects is transforming the relation between the patient and the care. With Barbara Jossi he explored this relation and set up Betterthis.

Musiwave was sold for $70 million to Microsoft in 2005.

Nicolas is a graduate in mathematics from the University of Paris.

Barbara Jossi

Barbara JOSSI

Babara Jossi’s focus lies on the opportunities that arise when patients participate on their own initiative to improve their situation. Based on observational data she develops processes to provide insights in patients’ "motivations" that lead to innovation and value-creation in patient centric economical models.

Barbara is a graduate in history and economical science from the University of Zurich.

Scientific Advisory Board

Mohammed CHARKI

Mohammed Charki

Mohammed Charki is currently Scouting and Partnerships Director for France at Sanofi. He’s always been convinced that healthcare industries needed to establish strategic alliances and partnerships with industries from different horizons (Bioconvergence) to answer patients and growing populations needs; therefore he’s been a strong advocate of Open Innovation within the group and beyond in the life science industry.

He joined BBP advisory board to foster the development of a value network around patient health experiences.


Massimo Bresciani

Massimo Bresciani has a consolidated multidisciplinary expertise in pharmaceutical development of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) from lead optimisation/candidate selection throughout all the preclinical and clinical phases (regulatory submissions included in UK, USA/Canada and RoW) to PoC and beyond and he is used to work at the interfaces with all the other chemical, pharmacological, biological, toxicological and clinical components in a strongly integrated R&D context.

He joined BBP advisory board to foster the development of clinical applications of the solution.


 Sven Stegemann

Sven Stegemann is Director for Pharmaceutical Business Development at Capsugel since 1997, the world leader in capsules and capsule technologies. Recently, he joined the Graz University of Technology (Austria) as a Professor for Patient Centric Drug Product Design and Manufacturing focusing on scientific research and development of patient centric drug products. Sven Stegemann is a pharmacist by training and holds a PhD in pharmacology and more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Within the pharmaceutical community he is serving different organizations as president, chairman or committee member.