Understanding new patient behaviours on their social networks.

Improving both patient's health experience and pharmaceutical company's process efficiency.

Better focus on patient outcomes

P. Montgomery is feeling nauseous some time after having taken an anxiolytic called citalopram. He asks on Twitter for people with similar experiences. In a few hours he receives targeted medical information, reported medical advices and reassuring answers from his online community.

Like millions of people PJ Montgomery and his network optimized the traditional medical visit with a new service that was fast, reliable, personalised, less expensive and time saving without even noticing it.

Better relationship with patients, More reliable data, New sources of revenue for pharmaceutical companies

Based on the case of P. Montgomery and 30 similar patient optimizations detected and selected with the software, a pharmaceutical company makes explicit a new patient expected outcome: "minimizing the time to get reassured on potentially lasting effects of the citalopram". It adds its own expected outcome: "increase the patient reported side effect's accuracy" and then uses the software to share both outcomes within a network of third-party partner companies."

New business opportunities for third-party partners

Using the Betterthis PRM (Partnership Relation Management), a partner company called Xilinus offers the patient to lower the response time on side effects inquiries by sourcing information in a larger network that includes twitter as a whole, other social networks, dedicated medical communities...etc.

As a result, having better and faster answers to his inquiries, the patient will more readily provide accurate side effect's data to pharmaceutical companies.

Use the platform to create health value networks

What you get :

as a patient:
continuous improvement of services related to actual expectations in particular situations

as pharma:
better relationship with patient, better data, new sources of revenue

as third-party:
New business opportunities

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