With your expercience you can identify patient expected outcomes

"They have no physicians, but when a man is ill, they lay him in the public square, and the passers-by come up to him, and if they have ever had his disease themselves or have known any one who has suffered from it, they give him advice, recommending him to do whatever they found good in their own case, or in the case known to them; and no one is allowed to pass the sick man in silence without asking him what his ailment is."

Herodotus430 BC

Today the Babylonian square has been replaced by ubiquitous social technologies. Using these technologies and having experienced yourself directly or indirectly similar diseases that the patient ones you can understand quickly his expected outcomes in his particular situations.

Social technologies could be also used to transfer and make explicit this knowledge to companies that hold the skills to provide solutions for this particular situation.

What you can do

Having directly or indirectly experimented a particular health situation, you can identify actual patient expected outcomes

What you get

  • Participation in treatments enhancement and patients' living conditions improvement
  • Benefit of improved services while using them

Our solution

Betterthis provides you with tools to:

  • Detect and select patient innovations in their existing technological environment
  • Organise them by time, place and technology used
  • Make expected outcomes explicit
  • Share them with pharmaceutical companies and technological providers