Improve side effects reports with patient innovation

In the healthcare sector recent changes demonstrate how "side effects underreporting" could have tragic consequences. Even if regulations in Europe result in more pressure for pharmaceutical companies to identify early potential side effects directly from the patient, collecting them is still a difficult task : since patients aren't sure that what they experience is actually a side effect, they seldom report it and they haven't any incentive to spend their time on finding and filling out report forms.

However patients are sharing their health data in ever-growing number. Understanding why leads to safety process improvments and high level reports.

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What you can do

  • Use patient communities to understand why patients share their health information
  • Use third party companies to improve the way patients share their health experience

What you get

  • Accurate data: side effects, health events in their contexts, patient identification,...
  • New value added services for patients
  • Improved links to the patient

Our solution

Betterthis provides you with the software that makes the collaboration between patients and technical providers easy by:

  • Letting communities of patients or employees :

    • Detect and select patient innovations
    • Make explicit the problem patients are trying to solve with these innovations or the situation they are trying to improve
  • Letting third-party companies improve both the patient and the pharmaceutical expected outcomes