How patient innovation leads to better understanding of patient outcomes

Patient expected outcomes are difficult to acquire as they are often tacit and sometimes even not known by the patient himself.

In these conditions asking the patient what he want could be useless. However observing how the patient innovates to improve his own health experience give valuable insights about what he actually want.

In today environment, observing how the patient innovates with social technologies (connected personal diagnostic devices, EHR (Electronic Healt Record), medical communities, forum, social networks,...) is the easy way to get this information.

Why patient outcomes are so important?

In the healthcare industry, cost reduction initiatives related to the care processes (pharmaceutics, insurance companies and hospitals) tend to transfer the cost from one area to another, instead of actually lower them. Even if some cost reductions are observed in specific sectors, these initiatives contribute paradoxically to raise the overall costs incurred while addressing a given patient medical condition.

The results are that more people experience difficulties to pay medical bills and companies' competitiveness, citizens' purchasing power and government's budget are negatively impacted. On top of that, this situation will get worse in the short term future with the aging of the "baby boomers".

Outcome improvements and cost reduction done at the patient level instead, will foster overall cost reductions as well as new business opportunities for companies.